Thursday, 24 April 2008

And finally the Routeburn Track. Traversing the Harris Pass and joining The Divide, which lies on the Te Anau - Milford Sound road, and the Routeburn Valley that leads into the head of Lake Whakatipu and resides near the sleepy town of Glenorchy. Straying along the upper edge of the Hollyford Valleys north face, the views from the path look south towards the Darren Mountains and seaward to the Tasman down the throat of the Hollyford River. Day 2 from lake MacKenzie Hut saw snow. Such an unexpected guest, but a well and truly loved best friend. The scenary overnight changed dramatically from the warm hues reflected from the sun to the shear whiteness brought by the blanket of icy moisture. The whole day was walked in light flurries of flakes and bursts of light. Stunning! And I now know the true meaning of 'pass'. A mountain not quite as high as the rest!!! To compare the Milford to the Routeburn is time wasted. Both very unique and quite different. It's sad now to sit here back in the city, behind the screen and relive the journey through pictures as the memories and experience flow forth. Appreciation is something gathered from such contrasts.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Milford Sound, nestled in shear fiord walls, is deep in the heart of Fiordland National Park. This place makes you realise how strong mother nature is in its ability to carve huge U shaped gouges in the surface of the earth. Long gone are the glaciers that scorched their mark over 13000 years ago, although the tips of the peaks still hold the last of the glacial ice. The Sound itself averages 200m deep and the cliff faces loom up to 1600m above. It's so hard to describe the massiveness of these mountains of rock. The atmosphere of the surrounds is gobsmacking. Two out of three days sees rain, and not just ordinary rain. Between 7 and 8 metres of rain falls each year in these parts, with the hillside awash with nemerous waterfalls cascading down to the salty bath at the bottom. The shear volume of water means that there is an 8 metre deep freshwater layer floating on top of the tidal sea which feeds from the Tasman some 10 miles west of Milford Sound town. From Milford Track to Milford Sound time for the Routeburn Track.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

They say a picture paints a thousand words, there aren't enough words to describe the beauty and mesmerising nature the Fiordland National Park has on the senses. There can be few places in the world that can surpass this place in terms of natural, untouched landscapes and all this in 'Gods Own' back yard. Jeepers we're a lucky bunch, us Kiwis! Below are a 'few' images of the Milford track. No pictures can do it justice, go and see for yourselves.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

With daylight saving all over rover, the shadows are drawing longer sooner, the air is chilling quicker and the shades of orange into the evening seem more wintery. The true feeling of Autumn is now kicking in although the sun is still breathing its warmth hard during the days. But nothing can stall the impending wintery fix about to envlop us in the coming months.....

Now playing: Minuit - The Guards Themselves

Monday, 7 April 2008

The big finale of the Summer festivals came and went yesterday, with Fat Freddy's Drop playing a stonking 2 hour set into the early evening. Coinciding with the end of daylight saving, Grey Lynn Park was full to the gunnels with high spirits, smiling faces and positive energy to burn. Long live the Summer!!!

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Last night saw the end of the Titirangi Festival of Music 2008, a week long celebration of kiwi music. Held in the local hall, arriving took me back to the days of Form 2 social at Feilding Intermediate! Last time I saw Pitch Black, was in the sereal underground space of Fabric in London. Then, like now, they rocked the party deep down and dirty. The suprise however was Minuit. A Head thumping experience like nothing I've seen, with the cool soft voice of the female vocalist side by side some heavy beats made for one hell of an ear fest! HOORAA!!! Supporting them both and warming the tentative crowd, Tahuna Breaks set the atmosphere with a 7 piece band laying down some fat funky sounds. A superb night and big ups to the Titirangi Festival of Music giving us such aural pleasures.

Now playing: Pitch Black - Speech (Freedom Of Speech Mix) (of course)