Saturday, 31 March 2007

Shizen, a good few weeks have past since i scribbled my thoughts down. The weeks have turned to months and it all seems to be going by without any time passing. It has become a strange sensation to find the weekends backing up and the days rolling by almost unnoticed. Is this the Fiji influence of Fiji time, where things are so relaxed and laid back that time itself melds into nothing? I'm not sure, but I'm finding it very refreshing and soothing. Work has been quite hectic the last couple of weeks, with the incessant deluges, interspersed with clean blue skies. Juggling things in a manner that finds a path through the copious amounts of mud and water sodden earth. Thankfully, a long weekend has come along to enable the recharging of batteries and muscles, and 5 days away from jumping on the silver bird home to catch up with friends and family over the Easter break. Yay. Otherwise, not much else to report, apart from a mild brain ache from a rather large night on the 'town' (Ohana and Ed's bar) last night where the old quiet beer at home turns into drunken disorderly in the Nadi back blocks. Loads of fun, laughs and merriment. Those of you in NZ, see you soon. The rest of you's fullas, take care of yourselves. Vinaka vakalevu....

Pictures of Nadi town over the last few weeks of intermitant flooding.

Nadi 8:22pm 25°C Cloudy

Monday, 19 March 2007

Natadola Beach and Islands.

Nadi 4:30pm 31°C Sunny

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Nadi 11:00am 30°C Sunny

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Firstly, New Zealand trounce England in the Cricket World Cup by 6 wickets, it's St Patrick,s day and v32.0 of Zeon has been passed by a new improved v33.0 that has been unwrapped and unleashed on the world. There haven't been much in the way of updates or upgrades, just the knowledge of another year of experience under the belt! A quote from a lovely card I recieved said, 'There's something women look for in a man your age...a PULSE!' Ahh classic!!! It's a bright sunny day, something from the norm of late, so will relish it by going to the local markets for some fresh goodies. Enjoy the Irish craziness wherever you may be with some damn fine craic.

Nadi 10:39am 27°C Sunny

Sunday, 11 March 2007

The Nausri Highlands, on the road towards Bukuya Village, looking back over Nadi Bay, Denerau, airport, Namaka and Lautoka Fuel tanks to the right. Finally the rain has cleared.

Nadi 1:31pm 30°C Sunny

Friday, 9 March 2007

Not sure where I've been or if this is something new, but not really taking much notice of soap packets generally, I was amazed to find that this soap can make you whiter. I'm no scientist, but living somewhere like Fiji, the demand for such technological ingredients in soap seems a little pointless. All I want to do is fit in a little more with a bit of a tan and I find my soap is quietly doing the opposite! What the.....?

Nadi 3:49pm 26°C Raining

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Holy guacamole. It's March.....and a wee while since I threw up an update on my blog. It's been almost 2 weeks since my last confession. So what's been happening? The last week saw a little bit of a reality check and realisation kicked in, just how much I miss stuff at home. In all honesty, there ain't much to do here without spending wads of cash. To be honest, when the weekend does come around, you feel like doing little more than being as vegetative as possible and wearing away those weekday bumps and bruises. Last weekend though, I trekked inland via the Nausori Highlands. Now foolish me, I took my camera and the day was picture perfect for some great images, but I forgot to fuel up the beasties batteries. Soo high in the hills, overlooking Nadi Bay and the distant islands, I attempted to turn on the aforementioned device, and it plainly starred back at me and said, what?!?! Never mind. It's a short drive and I'll return soon to share with you all the delights of the islands innards!

Now onto work related news. The last few days have seen me and the boys transforming carnage into lushness. 10 Beetlenut Palms now line the main entry and two Royal Palms adorn the front lawn. However they gave me a bit of a fright as the began to lean after a thunderstorm took hold. These things aren't small, nor are they cheap, so a few expletives left my lips as we quickly managed to strop the palms upright again. With more storms looming tonight, I cross my fingers that they're still standing in the morning!

Other than that, being trying to keep active by hitting the squash court twice a week. Been playing some pretty full on games and struggle to survive. Not sure if it's the lack of stamina or the intense heat on the court, but by God it's fair near killed me a couple of times. Oh well, it's got to be good for ya huh.

Before I go, sending belated birthday wishes to my lil sister playing hard in Sydney town. The big 19 ticked over on Sunday. WOOHOO!!

Nadi 7:10pm 27°C Raining