Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Hi all, apart from the rush job of getting at least something up in the air as far as a few pics go, I'm finally settled and ready to rock again! A little has transpired in the time I last threw some fonts to screen. So I am now in a place called Haumoana, sitting on the southern curve of the Hawkes Bay and a little south of Napier. Why? Work and maybe a realisation that I love NZ. The job is at Cape Kidnappers, a lodge sitting high above the bay and commanding the presence in which it oozes. Tethered to one of the top 10 golf courses outside of the states, it's quite a place to sit and ponder.....well......anything. I assure you, when the cloud rises and the rain decides to dry up, pics will be forth coming. Anyway, life is fantastic and heading in an exciting direction. YEEHAA.